Why is my cash stuck with Revolut and I can’t access???

I made a bank transfer for several thousand pounds to exchange into € and the cash is stuck​:rage::rage::rage:
I have been trying all day to get an answer from Revolut with no response.

WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A PHONE :telephone_receiver: SERVICE ???

I am furious :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sounds like you hit your annual top up limit?

Until support responds, you can learn more about it here:


Link down not work.

Why can nobody talk to me?

If I had known this was going to happen then I would never have used this app. The worst is I have been waiting since 10am this morning for someone to explain what is going on.

The link works, I’ve just tested it. I am going to copy and paste you the text from the Help Center article here. Have you checked your top up limit under more, profile, verification and limits? That would be the first step to find out if your money is blocked due to this or if it is something else.

I want to increase my top-up limit
Your annual top-up limit is based on your estimated annual income and/or generated wealth. Check below what documents you need to upload depending on your source of funds (please make sure that your name, dates, and all document information are clearly visible):

Salary: If your top-up was generated from your salary, you’ll need to send us copies of your payslips from the previous 3 months or P60/tax receipts.
Savings: In order to increase your limit based on your savings, we need to know how you earned the money that you put aside as saving. Please upload a bank statement showing the current balance of your savings account and relevant documents showing the source of your savings.
Sale of property: If you’ve sold a property and used the proceeds to top up your Revolut account, you’ll need to send us a copy of the sale agreement for the property; a bank statement showing the proceeds of the sale being credited to your bank account, and a statement showing the funds being transferred to your Revolut account (unless the funds are due to be deposited directly into your Revolut account).
Cryptocurrency: In order to increase your limit based on your cryptocurrency funds, we need to know how you earned the money that you invested in cryptocurrency. Please provide us with the relevant documents and statements showing your current cryptocurrency balance and any deposits/trades/withdrawals from the last 3 months.
Loan: If the source of your top-up is a loan - please upload a loan agreement document and a bank statement showing the received funds along with your current balance.
Self-employed income: If you are self-employed, please upload your latest tax return statement or invoices from the last 3 months corresponding to your desired limit.
Inheritance: If you have inherited wealth - please upload the inheritance will and a bank statement showing the received funds along with your current balance.


If I had known I would have had to jump through this many hoops I would never have sent the money. I don’t have anything to hide but I don’t have time to spend collating documents and scanning etc. I don’t work in the conventional sense I don’t have a payslip I run a business and have multiple incomestreems all perfectly legal. I transferred the money from my UK bank account which Will already have verified any money laundering issues. I have a higher than normal income and expenditure. If I would have know that there was a £25k limit I would have gone elsewhere.

Please either complete the transfer or return my money. I am really pissed off as I wanted to sell £ and buy € before The BoE decision Tomorrow at 12 noon.

Having a customer service telephone :telephone_receiver: might be an idea :bulb:

Frank is just another user like you and me. It has no power to do what you ask.

Having issues myself

I have the same problem. My money is been stuck over 10 days. Inactive chat! This is ridiculous.

10 days??? So what do we do

If I don’t get a reply I will contact my bank to get the money back then contact the FCA to report the problem. A total farce. No support no help and I’m a premium user. 24 hour support my arse!

I go on holidays and my money is tied up in revolut

Go on Twitter, face book, write reviews then tomorrow call the FCA and report them for holding your cash.

I go to orlando in 12 days and have no money

I would also suggest contacting the Banking Ombudsman with regard to the issue, they would have the power to sanction Revolut as they have to have a banking licence to operate, as with many ombudsmen, they would also have the power to levy fines against Revolut. This type of action may remind them that they need to keep customers on side by providing a usable service

Fun fact, they dont :wink:

Well, I am looking forward to all your complaints.

I am not saying that Revolut’s behaviour is perfectly acceptable and they provide a top-notch service (quite the contrary) but I am equally bored by those - usually empty - threats. How many times have we read such threats on the forum here and exactly zero action followed.

I am particularly curious about the complaints to the FCA, as they dont take individual complaints.

But it is certainly always a good idea to send gazillions of pounds to a service you just signed up for :+1:

Again, Revolut’s support is subpar to say the least, but it seems Revolut’s level of support declines at the same rate as the users’ willingness to accept any sort of responsibility for their actions. Rampaging through the forum seems to be a lot easier :wink:

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I wouldn’t know about the “empty threats”, but if you’re bored by them, no one suggests you read them or indeed comment on them.
The FCA actually does take individual complaints, in fact it goes into detail about the complaints procedure which starts by raising the complaint with the provider, then, if no joy, the financial ombudsman.
I also don’t think users are not willing to accept some responsibility, that’s not the issue, the issue is that after accepting the responsibility of looking after funds on behalf of customers, it appears that Revolut is seriously dropping the ball

You havent been around for long enough. Thanks for your kind suggestion, but a forum is usually supposed to be read.

The FCA seems to have a different point of view here.

“We do not investigate individual complaints.”

Well, it is one of the issues. I question if it is a good idea or very - to address the issue - responsible to send large amounts of funds to a service you just freshly signed up for and where you are either not even verified yet, respectively didnt take the time to familiarise yourself with its terms (specifically account limits).

Yes, they are to be read, doesn’t mean you always have to comment though!!
Well, I’ve personally used the financial ombudsman.
I agree with your last comment, I personally wouldn’t put large sums of money into something brand new, with only a few days\weeks even months of sparse use, which is why I do not have large sums with Revolut, especially after reading some of the posts.

Anyway, it’s past my bedtime

Certainly not, but it also does not mean one cant comment :wink:

And that is sound advice and probably the right thing to do in the case at hand.

Well, yes and no. My experience with them was good so far and I recently used the account abroad and that went perfectly. I’d still be rather wary with large amounts though, partially because of the lingering decision about the banking licence and also because of the apparent level of support.