My account is locked, not sure why.

Customer service is EXTRA-EEMLY poor. Been on live chat for over 1 hour with 3 messages from support.

No phone number to contact them with and over £400 locked in the account.

I will be removing my money once I get back into my account.


Really need to get this sorted!!


Same issue here. Had to verify cards, did that but the app seemed to do nothing. After I restarted it I was told to contact support. That was more than half an hour ago


If I don’t get it resolved soon I will contact the bank I top the card up with and attempt to get my money back that way.


can you help us?


2 Hours and counting

Imagine being stuck on holiday with no money because of this companies uselessness!!!


Still nothing and i’m needing to use my card now!


2 hours and counting without a response. Not looking like a company to trust my banking with right now.


I finally got contacted after 3 hours and was told my account had been flagged for review. I provided all the requested data including 4 pics along with my ID. At that point I was told my ID has been verified and top-up limits increased. Then I was asked for something like a bill with an address. I’m on holiday so I don’t have that. It has now been escalated and my account is still locked.

I provided ID when opening the account so resending it seems pointless. If all this is needed why not ask when opening the account? Why wait until a person actually tries to use Revolut in real life?

They have my money and I am left with a bad feeling towards what appears to be an incompetent company. I’ve never had this much trouble with my usual bank.


Ok. it’s now active again. I still don’t now what the issue was or, more particularly, why it took so many hours for support to respond. I’ll try using my account again but at least for some time it will be with small balances.


Sure! Drop me a direct message so we can get in touch :slight_smile:


This has happened to me the company is ridiculous this needs to change I am traveling tomorow and need this unblocked straight away I have even invested in the crowd funding which I sincerely regret


As I can see your account was temporary locked for security reasons, glad an agent helped you to unlock it.


Hi Andrea, mi account has blocked for security reason as well, can you please help me to unblock it?? Trying to chat with support but it is totally impossible


Hi there! Could you please drop me a DM, so that I can help?