why i cant sign in?


why i cant sign because i’m already sign up. i have been waiting for a week so i just want to confirm is it i’m still on the waiting list?


Hello @khuzaifah,

Thank you for contacting us.

Thank you for contacting us.

Due to high demand we are on a slight waitlist! We hope to be up and running again soon.

Please make sure you have registered your interest so we can email you once we have available cards.


Andreas K.


Good news, you can now open a Revolut account; the waiting list has been cleared. Simply open the Revolut App, tap ‘Sign Up Now’ and order a RevolutCard straight to your door!

You can now spend globally with the real exchange rate; transfer 23 currencies without the ridiculous fees; and instantly send or request money from friends.

Thanks for your patience; we can’t wait to have you on board.