Why hide transactions?

Hi guys,

Yes that’s correct. The purpose of this feature is to keep your transaction list in an order. Let’s say you have some declined transactions, you can now hide them.

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I used it to hide some old fraudulent transactions that were throwing out the new stats thing.

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Oh ok.

How do you un-hide them?


I find this very useful for declined transactions or exchange transactions I made by error. :slight_smile:

However, I would find very useful to have a tab in the “Account” section to find again the hidden transactions and restore them (just in case…)! :smiley:

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Thanks for implementing this ask. Really useful to hide transactions I don’t want my friends to see when I demo the spending.

Hi, did you figure out how to unhide them?

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In order to unhide them you have log out and log back in :slight_smile:

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Not really, please explain

Hello @AndreasK!
I use the HIDE feature, but I don’t understand why are the HIDDEN transactions will be UNHIDDEN again after the App reinstall.
I spent a lot of time to hide my specific transactions but I have to do it again from scratch every app update or app reinstall.
Is there any solution?
THX in advance!

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Makes sense. There should be button to see hidden transactions instead of current logging out and logging in system.

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Thanks for sharing this useful info.

It seems that the “Hide” transaction option is no longer available. If this is confirmed then it’s really a regression not an evolution of this new release for two reasons:

  • It was extremely useful to get a clear view of what matters only and get “useless” transactions out of the global view (fraudulent ones, rejected payments, refunds…).
  • all past transactions set to hidden are back to visible again. It makes it really annoying to go back in time and find specific important transactions

I hope Revolut will consider this feedback and keep this option alive. What does the rest of the community think?


It’s already back on iOS.

The latest update allows you to hide individual transactions.

Could you please explain how? I don’t see it

I can’t find it anymore in 7.2.1 for iOS . Could you please tell me where it is? Thanks

From the home screen, go to Transactions page by clicking “See All”. In this page, you can see the option to hide, when you swipe from right to left.

After I have hidden a transaction in the ‘See All’ list. How can I find it again if I want to unhide it?

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Same question…
I have tried to hide a transaction… and now?
In the past i was able to show the hidden transaction by the user page dashboard…