Why do outage notifications appear only in the support chat? Why not push notifications or at least in the main app?


Hi there. Today I withdrew money from an ATM, only to find out that I have been charged, and did not receive a dime from the machine.

I actually logged into the app beforehand, to see if there are any outage notifications. There weren’t.

As I head over to the support chat, I receive a red notifications there, that there is an ATM problem, and I should avoid using ATMs at the moment.

What sense does it make to inform people to avoid ATMs, AFTER they already had a problem and went over to support? Why not inform in the main app screen or use push notifications?

At the moment, in order to be informed of an outage, I need to check:

  1. The main app screen
  2. Head over to the support chat screen, just in case there’s a notification only there (sounds odd, but there you go, that’s what happened today)
  3. Check Twitter as well, since sometimes, that’s the only place outages are mentioned :(((

Well, I can also not check for outages at all, and just use the card… but unfortunately there has been more outages than I am comfortable with, to allow myself to do that.

Why can’t I just receive a push notification about outages? You can allow people to opt out in the app settings.

I do understand that you do your best to avoid outages, and I believe that you will find people a lot more calm about them if you actually let them know of the outage in a manner that they can actually see (i.e. push notifications).

It would likely make life a whole lot easier for Revolut users and for the support team as well.

Thank you for considering this.


We’ve been asking for this for a very long time. Plus, Revolut needs to implement a system status page within the app.


This remembers me about ING Romania when they had a card shortage for about 20h (morning till evening). They issued a statement and sent messages at 6PM, after people got stuck in petrol station, shops, airports… unable to use their cards and no one knew what’s happening till all of them got online in forums. #JeSuisING was viral at that time.
Ok. I had to send a message to support and saw this message too. It’s so useless. People head to support AFTER something happened, not before…
there should be some things in the app:
-System status: Website, cards, account transactions, SEPA/ SWIFT transactions, card online payments, etc.
-Push notification (and/or SMS) with any issue.
-Rewards for those who suffer :slight_smile:


I think Push notification would be the best choice.

Alternatively, As soon as we login in the app, the message should appear on the main screen. Now, where have ai seen this implemented? :thinking:

System status is also fine, but in this case a notification (1) should be displayed on that tab.


I finally received a push notification about the ATM incident, many many hours after the problem was mentioned on Twitter and in the support chat.

A push notification as soon as an outage becomes known would be great.

You can allow users to turn these off in the app settings (or have them off by default and let users opt in in the settings).

These outages really limit the use of the card. I loved using the card even with currencies I have a proper bank account for, but I stopped due to the outages alone.

If however I received push notifications about an outage as soon as it became known, it would radically limit the declined transactions and I would be happy to be using the card more regularly again.

Thanks once again for considering.