Why do i have to verify AGAIN my account?

Hi all. A few days ago i had an issue with the PIN of my contactless card (I will open a new thread later about this) and CS asked from me to log off/on at the app. I did and when i returned, i realized that i am “unverified”. Both my cards need activation as well!

I am pissed off with this situation, as i have some (few) euros in my account and i don’t know if i can use them or not. But most important, i am pissed off because i had an issue and thanks to the instructions i received, i have a second issue now.

So, can someone look into it? Thanks a lot.

Hey Paralias

Sounds like you might have created a second account, do your funds still appear etc?

Only in app support is able to specify why it might be needed to verify your account again :slight_smile:

Nah, i haven’t created another account. I just logged off/on. My funds are still there and visible. I didn’t try my card to see if it works, but it looks like they need to be “activated”.

Do you mean revolut cards?
Are they greyed?
Try to unfreeze them in security section.

Nothing to do with “freeze”. It’s simple:

  • I am verified for 2-3 years now.
  • I received the free contactless card.
    (The below are irrelevant, they appear to be a different problem/bug which need a new thread, but i will explain the story)
  • I changed the PIN.
  • The new PIN is visible at the app, but it is not working. Instead the original PIN is working.
  • But after some time, i forgot the original PIN.
    (Back to my problem with verification)
  • I contacted CS. They told me to log on/off in order to see the real PIN (and not the one i’ve changed already).
  • I did. When i logged in again, i received the “you have to verify your account” message.
  • There is a possibility that an upgrade of the app has been the problem, since i updated it the same day.
  • Since then the CS staff keeps telling me that i need to send the documents for verification.

This pisses me off, because I AM VERIFIED. I will send the documents, this is not my problem. But this is not a game. I want to know WHY i am not verified anymore, especially when i still have funds in the app and all previous week i have done many transactions. This is the easiest way to explain to the dumbest CS member that I AM VERIFIED and the fault is on Revolut.

I would like an official explanation. Simple as this.

Ok, understood.
I believe that you’ve checked that you haven’t hit the annual limit.
In that case there is need to contact with somebody from Revolut. @AndreasK could you help, please?

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Of course i have checked the annual limit, it’s out of question. About 400+ euros. Thanks for the attention, i hope @AndreasK will be able to help me.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately you have to repeat the KYC procedure. Really sorry for any inconvenience caused. An agent will contact you shortly.

Any public-compatible explanation :slight_smile: as to why that can happen?
Lowered top-up limit after re-verification seems to be a similar issue.

Unfortunately this is a compliance matter and I cannot provide more info here. Thank you for your understanding.