Whoops, you entered the wrong expiry date for your card


I am randomly getting a mobile notification saying “Ooops you entered wrong expiry date for your card”. It’s accompanied by a smiley/icon.

I am getting this randomly while I am not using the app nor the card.

Recently my card expired, and a new one arrived in my mail, but I am travelling and stuck in place because of Coronavirus and haven’t picked it up and activated it yet.

Just slightly worried that this message could mean someone else is trying to activate my new card.

Did anyone else encounter this message?

Is it a notification from Revolut, or another App?
My first idea has been “one of your subscriptions tells you the card you’ve entered has expired” (with the wrong message)

Hi @the-mike! Yeah, I would think that too (I’ve got many expired subscriptions now that my card expired), but the message is from the Revolut app. As far as I know there is no way for a subscription to talk to me Via Revolut. All they can do is try to charge me and fail. Revolut won’t tell me that it happened.

Revolut would tell you a charge failed to go through - presumably with the old security code too :thinking:

I’ve managed to capture a screenshot (this still happens every day). To emphasize, this is not a popup after some action of mine… this is a notification message that appears by itself randomly.

Contact in-app support, send them screenshot and ask to investigate.

Hi, I have the exactly same problem.
Il seems someone is trying to fraudulently use my card.
Have you had any feedback regarding this issue ?