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Hi, I have a question. Is that possible to receive whole account number connected with Credit Card. I am expecting some transfers from UK and in Poland i will pay additional fees. I would like to transfer money directly to My account from company with which I cooperate. Thank you in advance for answer.

Hello @Garwackimac :wave:

It’s possible to receive unique or pooled account details linked to a Revolut for Business MasterCard :credit_card:

Please, however, note that Revolut does not offer credit cards, but standard payment cards, therefore your available balance in the pocket the card is linked to needs to cover the payment amount in full.

First, all customers go through our Standard onboarding process. You can register for a business account here: business.revolut.com You will be asked to submit various pieces of basic information about yourself and your business.

Once you have done this, you will join the queue for onboarding, during which time you will be able to edit the information you have submitted. Once you have reached the front of the queue, we will process your application and add any additional bits of information we require. This should be very quick and by the end, your ‘Standard onboarding’ will be completed. At this point, you will be able to place your card orders. We send them with either express or standard delivery, or you can instantly request a virtual card at no cost :blush:

If you have a company, you can then choose to complete the ‘Advanced onboarding’ which will require some more detailed information about your business and which will give you access to multiple unique accounts in the name of your company.

Please feel free to ask us any additional questions!

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assuming you already opened an account at business.revolut.com you should have on your GBP balance with Revolut a “local bank account” made of a sort code (6 digits in 3 pairs of 2) and an 8 digit account number under your company’s name. give that to your UK customers to pay GBP in. it usually takes around 2h to arrive.

there is no IBAN for domestic GBP transfers.

I just created my Revolut Business account (freelancer) because as a micro business I am supposed to have a professional account, and I have a regular client in Hong kong- For theses two reasons I thought Revolut Business would be great for me (instead of N26 Business for instance) -
Now, I sent my account details to my client in HK and it’s been 6 days since he made the payment I was expecting- but there is still nothing on my account-

Besides I read here and there that I may not have the unique account that allows us to be paid in several currencies (just USD EUR and GBP for me yet)-
Is there an onboarding issue here ? Do I have to wait for that multi currencies account to receive paiements from Hong Kong ?
I feel completely lost in transactions here and your help would be very appreciated :wink:

after finishing the advanced onboarding you’ll get a multicurrency IBAN for SWIFT payments, but sometimes it’s necessary to specify the intermediary (BARCGB22)

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you can receive currency from HK via swift, the issue is that the account holder will be revolut and not you.

an alternative until you get your own unique IBAN is to get a borderless account with transferwise and then transfer the money to revolut for exchange. their onboarding is a lot quicker.

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