White list Bank Accounts you trust

I would like to see the option to “white list” a trusted bank account where I can send money to without having to go every time through this “risky transfer” process.

Which country are you referring to?

I think the country is not relevant to my suggestion.
Atm if you transfer monies over a certain amount it triggers automatically a risky/scam transfer policy where you have to talk to one of the agents.
This process is triggered every time this threshold amount is reached independently of the destination bank account.
I would like to see that one has to go only once through this process and then have the option to whitelist or pre-authorise the destination bank account for future transactions.

No such thing really, all banks are regulated in a way they need to be sure the source and beneficiaries of funds are all in order. Over time, your bank will learn how you generally spend and work to an average.

If your account usually sends 10-20 every day but then sends 5000+ all a sudden, it will trigger additional checks.

All banks work in this way to prevent money laundering, and in most instance don’t take too long to resolve if you have the right documents. A bank with telephone support is likely to resolve it quicker.