Which way is more beneficial?


Hello all

I love Revolut and I’ve been using it for almost a year now. I’ll be using it again this weekend in Sweden and I noticed that the app has updated with a lot more currencies.

Before there are only three: GBP, EUR, USD. So when I went to Sweden earlier I use the GBP account to just automatically convert transactions to SEK.

I can see that there are now three ways to use currencies abroad:

  1. load GBP account using GBP credit card, then just use GBP for all non-GBP transactions

  2. load GBP account using GBP credit card, then do an exchange to currency destination account (SEK) via the Revolut app

  3. load currency destination account (SEK) directly using my GBP credit card

My credit card is Lloyds Avios, which actually is good in terms of forex transactions.

Can someone advise if it’s worth it to add tons of accounts to cater different currencies?


When the markets close the rates are marked up slightly to cover losses over the weekend / evenings.

If your going to be spending weekends and evenings its best to convert during the day, if the rate is currently good FX it now! If not hold and wait and see!