Which Revolut Currency A/C are ATM Withdrawals Linked?


Complete newby to Revolut and I think my question can best be asked using an example:

Based in UK and have the Following Revolut Currency A/Cs in Credit:

  • £
  • Euro


  1. I withdraw cash or purchase in Euros:
    Will Revolut make the deduction from my Euro Account or will it use my £ account and do a conversion?

  2. I withdraw cash or purchase in : As I dont have a account will Revolut use my £ or my Euro Account?


Hey it works as followed:

*The local currency of the merchant/ATM e.g. if you are in Spain, it will deduct funds from your Euro balance.

If your balance is not enough:
*Your base currency - i.e. if you used a UK address to sign-up, your base currency will be GBP.

If you also haven’t enough then:
*Your largest balance.

Also take a look here : https://www.revolut.com/de/help/exploring-revolut/spending/how-will-my-currency-balances-be-deducted-for-spending?lang=en


Take some time and head over to the FAQs. “Exploring Revolut” answers this and many more questions you even don’t know yet you will have. :wink:


Agree totally with Frank - you need to understnd how :r: works.

The answer to your specific question is covered here.


Don’t chide OP too much. I spent some time in help and didn’t find the answer either. I’m grateful he asked it.

And I liked the answer a lot!

at the moment if you have a total in mixed balance and try to take it out it will fail if you do it in one transaction
if you try to take you £120 and you have balances of £100 and $100 it will fail as it does not mix balances on one single transactio

That is good to know - cheers!

The link seems to be broken and I cannot find this covered in the help when trying various searches.

Just spent ages trying to answer this same question. It is well hidden if if exists in the help section.