Which Revolut Currency A/C are ATM Withdrawals Linked?



Complete newby to Revolut and I think my question can best be asked using an example:

Based in UK and have the Following Revolut Currency A/Cs in Credit:

  • £
  • Euro


  1. I withdraw cash or purchase in Euros:
    Will Revolut make the deduction from my Euro Account or will it use my £ account and do a conversion?

  2. I withdraw cash or purchase in : As I dont have a account will Revolut use my £ or my Euro Account?



Hey it works as followed:

*The local currency of the merchant/ATM e.g. if you are in Spain, it will deduct funds from your Euro balance.

If your balance is not enough:
*Your base currency - i.e. if you used a UK address to sign-up, your base currency will be GBP.

If you also haven’t enough then:
*Your largest balance.

Also take a look here : https://www.revolut.com/de/help/exploring-revolut/spending/how-will-my-currency-balances-be-deducted-for-spending?lang=en


Take some time and head over to the FAQs. “Exploring Revolut” answers this and many more questions you even don’t know yet you will have. :wink:


Agree totally with Frank - you need to understnd how :r: works.

The answer to your specific question is covered here.