Which Documents Are Needed During A Freelancer Application?

Hello everyone :wave:,

:open_file_folder:Today we are going to talk about the documents required in order to open a Revolut Business account as a freelancer. The documentation will be requested after filling in the sign-up fields explained here.

After following the first application steps, you will get to our home page, where you might be able to upload the required proofs.

We will now explain about the documents that can be provided in order to get your account verified and ready to go :briefcase::checkered_flag:

1- Personal profile
:identification_card: In this section, a link will be sent to your phone number to download the Revolut Business app and submit a selfie and your ID.

2- Type of Business
:shopping:You will be required to identify your type of customers (individuals or companies), we will also ask you about your way of doing business (physically or online) and as a last step, you will have to provide an approximation of the monthly amounts that you will receive in the account.

3- Verify your details
:receipt:Here, it is required to provide a proof of your business activity. A contract with a customer or a supplier, or sales invoice with a bank statement showing the services you offered will be enough to verify your business details.

4- Choose a plan & card.
:credit_card:As a last step, you will need to choose the plan that fits your business(Ultimate, Pro or the Free).

:question::arrow_heading_down:In case you have any questions while following the process or before applying, you know the drill, right? Just comment below. :arrow_double_down: