Which currency before traveling to Australia?

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Two questions:
1- Should I top up and exhange on the app my GBP to AUD before traveling and have them on my app at the best rate ready to be redrawn for when i get to Sydney? Or simply redraw in Sydney at any atm my GBP account?
2- Will I be charged when redrawing AUD saved on my revolut card?

Thank you!

You can watch the rate on Revolut and buy the dollars when it’s good. It peaked at 1.78 recently and has been as low as 1.65 in the last few months. It’s 1.74 today. But as always no one can definitely predict what will happen in the future. So you make a choice.
Sorry I don’t know about ATM charges, try a few and see if you can find free withdrawals.

Select more on the home screen then rates on the next. Add your two currencies
Hope this is helpful.

Exchanging into local currency is a way to avoid the weekend mark up.

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Thank you both!
I found in the FAQ that with Revolut, if we hold different balance (GBP, EUR, AUD…), the card will select automatically which balance to use depending on which country we are redrawing. For example, I hold GBP and AUD, I saved prior my travel in AUD, so once I reach Australia, my revolut card will redraw the AUD at the ATM :wink:
If I do not have AUD on my card, then the ATM will redraw my GBP and convert them at the best rate.

Hope it helps you too.