Which currency balance will be deducted for spending?

This has been answered by this answer, however there is an interesting undefined term I’d like to ask about:

  1. The next active currency with a sufficient balance

What is exactly next currency? By which order is it next?

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perhaps for me this paragraph explain better… (fro your link)

Funds are not taken from more than one currency balance at a time, so if is no single currency wallet with sufficient funds, the transaction will be declined, even if there is enough money across your wallets in total. We will be adding more holding currencies soon, which you will be able to load onto your Revolut account and exchange to lock in a great rate.

This is different: it explains that a specific currency account will only be used to automagic exchange if it can fully cover the whole amount (so Revolut will not pick a little money from here and a little from there).

But if you have EUR, USD, YEN and CHF with equally “enough” balance (and your “home balance” is insufficient), and you want to pay in HRK then it is not clear which one will be used first, or in what order. Alphabetically (by currency name? country code? In what language?)? The smallest fitting, or maybe the largest? Or the country with the largest GDP? Or the currency of the country with a movie star with largest boobs? Or what?

(By the way this is not a theoretical question but a friend asked about it when I tried to explain the auto-exchange mechanism.)

This is not going to answer your question, but it’s most likely solving any problems related: all currencies, base currency excluded, can be “deactivated”. That way, one can control which balance the app is going to use. (In case you’re not that adventurous to just try it out. It used to be from largest balance to smallest, but that information is many years old.)

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Indeed, that is a working hack and yes, it doesn’t answer the question.

(My problem with that is that if I know that I forgot to make the exchange then I haven’t forgotten it. ;-))