Which bank my UK local account is in?


I wanted to use a revolut account to get my salary in UK.
In revolut I have active GBP accounts.
I believe tab “local” is for salaries, as the message says on the screen.
The details of the account are: beneficiary, account number, sort code.
But I need to fill the “bank name” field in my work form, so I would like to know this.
This site: https://www.sortcodes.co.uk/ says following:

Bank	Prepay Technologies Ltd
Branch	Prepay Technologies Ltd
Address	Station Square 1 Gloucester Street 
Phone	01793 744011


Hello @janis129

Yes Pre-pay is our service provider.

You can use Prepay Technologies Ltd, Station Square, 1 Gloucester Street, Swindon, SN1 1GW


Andreas K.



The bank is LLoyds


Hi Andreas - is the statement above true, or it can be used by anyone sending money to the account from inside UK, friends, family, salary, selling a toaster etc.


What I meant was that the “local” tab was for salaries, but not just for salaries. It’s a local, ‘real’ UK account that you can use for transferring money to it from within UK. So it’s fine for friends to send the money to that account.
The other tab (currently “swift”) is for incoming international transfers I believe.


“Local” it’s only for UK domestic transfers.