Which account will money be withdrawn from, Euro or GBP?


I live in Ireland, i have a personal Euro account and a GBP account.

if I have €5000 in the Euro account and £5000 in the GBP account and I fly to London UK and try to withdraw £1000 from an ATM will the money be withdrawn from my GBP account or my Euro account?

Would this £1000 ATM withdrawal go against my 96 hour £5000 debit card limit, or could I also make a £5000 payment later that day using the debit card?

I will be travelling to UK soon and need to pay a retailer £6000, so I was planning to withdraw £1000 cash at an ATM in UK and then make £5000 debit card payment with the retailer, and give him the £1000 cash. Will this work?


Hello @LiamMaher :slight_smile:

I suggest you reading the FAQs :slight_smile:

If GBP is your base currency (based on your country), GBP. If your base currency is EUR, in this case, also GBP. :star2:

Yes, most probably :wink:

I don’t see why not as long as you do it in two different days and you don’t exceed the limits :slight_smile:
EDIT: i didn’t take the ATM limit into account

Thanks for the reply @Juliopp

I understand now, in my example even though my base currency is EURO, if I withdraw from ATM in UK, it will draw from my GBP account. Thats exactly what I want.

However, I need to do this all in one day, so how do I find out for sure if the £1000 ATM withdrawal stops me making a £5000 debit card payment later that day? Would I be tied to a £4000 debit card payment later. I thought the ATM withdrawals and the debit card transactions were not linked.

Thanks for the help.

Hey, @LiamMaher :slight_smile:

I’d get in touch with the in-app support team to confirm this :white_check_mark:

Go to the More tab of the :r: app, then click Support and type live agent to the nice robot :robot: :slight_smile:


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Thanks again @Juliopp, I might do that.
I was looking at

This says Cash withdrawals from ATMs are limited to £500 or equivalent per day. so that scuppers my plan of withdrawing £1000 in one lump in one day …

Thanks for the help, I’ll have a chat to the nice robot :slight_smile:

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Hey @LiamMaher :slight_smile:

True! I have updated my post accordingly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope you get a good solution and, maybe, comment it here when you get it :wink: :star2:

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