Which account will be charged?

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I mostly top up my revolut account with CHF. I then exchanged some CHF to EUR, so i have now CHF and EUR. When I now go to an EUR country and pay by card (or withdraw cash), will then my EUR balance or my CHF balance be charged?

Thanks for your help!

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You can learn about this in the FAQs. There is more to it than you might think. :wink:

(Money will be deducted from wallets in local currencies if funds are sufficient.)

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Your Revolut account can hold a balance in GBP, EUR, USD, PLN, CHF, SEK, NOK, DKK, RON, AUD, NZD, SGD, HKD, ILS, TRY, AED, CAD, HUF, INR, JPY, MAD, QAR, THB, and ZAR. The card selects which balance to use in the following order:

*The local currency of the merchant/ATM e.g. if you are in Spain, it will deduct funds from your Euro balance.

*Your base currency - i.e. if you used a UK address to sign-up, your base currency will be GBP.

*Your largest balance.

You need to have sufficient funds in one single balance in order to make a transaction. If you don’t have enough funds in the balance of the local currency, it will default to your next largest balance and so on.


That is perfect! Thank you for your reply!


Is it possible to lock by purpose one of the accounts in order to decline any card transactions from it? For example My base currency is CZK i also have USD and EUR accounts with some money on them. I am traveling to Sweden. By default my CZK account will be chaged s long as i have enough money on them. But i don’t want my EUR or USD account to be charged if CZK account is run out. Better to decline a transaction and get notification about the problem.
So could i lock an account from any charges by a card?

You can either -

  • disable the currency accounts under dashboard - accounts -> more. then tap the currency and deactivate.
  • alternatively you can put the funds in vaults which lets you block x amount of a currency. Dashboard -> vaults -> add vault -> personal vault -> type name -> it then lets you choose the currency of the vault.
    Once you created the vault you can tap it in your dashboard -> fund -> one-off fund.
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I am wondering if Revolut is able to use the local currency first and then the balance from my home currency.
For example, I have both USD and AED balance. When I spend in AED, I want Revolut to use available AED first and then spend from USD, in case of AED balance not being enough for the expense.

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I don’t think it can, as i tried exactly this at the weekend, the payment was declined as neither account (GBP and EUR) had enough balance for the single transaction, although both accounts combined did have enough.

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@Acpoynts is right. Only 1 balance can be charged for a transaction.

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Thanks. This is something Revolut can work on to enhance the multi-currency spending feature.

“disable the currency accounts under dashboard - accounts → more. then tap the currency and deactivate.” doesn’t exist anymore (or I can’t find it); do you know how it works since the new form of Revolut app?


Hi folks. Does the same logic apply to Direct Debits? So if I have a Direct Debit set up on my Euro account but not enough funds, will it take the money from my GBP account instead? Thanks.