Where's the chat function ?

Hi, after the latest updates, I can’t find the chat functions…

Hello @molojohn,

Once you opened the app, the support function will be at the bottom of your screen.


Andreas K.

Hello, I can’t find it ether anywhere in the app, and needed really urgent someone to ask about my issue

Go to the Dashboard in the App and touch the Question Mark.

Hello, I also cannot find it, there is no such a button in my screen. I cannot see any question mark. The dashboard only has the following boards: 1)Revolut, 2)Savings and investments, 3)Payments, 4)Rewards, 5)Cards and 6)My account. No question mark, no chat. I have an Android if that is the problem.
Could you please tell me where can I find it?

Thank you!

Far right menu icon, then top right corner.

Cannot find the chat function. Using iPhone Xr

On the home screen click the bubble with your initials (top left) to open your profile. Then click the “?” in the top right, scroll down until you see “New Chat”.

I don’t see this option anywhere. Someone can give a screen

I have been using the chat function but never get a reply, how else can you contact Revolut?

  • Have you typed “live agent” ?
  • Twitter/Facebook: revolutapp

The chat function is NOT where you say. Why the hell do Revolut make it so difficult to open a help chat.

Hi there, you might want to scroll down to more recent posts in this thread. You’re responding to a post that refers to an outdated version of the app.