Where to buy stock not available on Revolut Trading?

Important information: I am a French resident.

Hi, I like Revolut Trading as it gives me access to US stocks. But unfortunately I can’t buy SWI stock, for some reason it is not available.

On which other platform can I buy this stock? RobinHood seems for US residents, Degiro… not clear which stock can be bought. What does the community recommend?

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Besides in R, I trade in TRADING212, not sure if it is avail in France. I just checked and SolarWinds is there

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Thanks I just opened a Trading 212 account, and yes, it is available in France. For those interested, my first observation is that Trading 212 does not offer a multi currency account.

You have to decide, at registration, if your account is in EUR or USD, you cannot have both, and you cannot change that choice once your choice is made. For example, if your base account is in EUR and you are selling USD stocks, Trading212 automatically converts the proceedings of the sale to EUR, so you cannot keep the amount in USD, if you base account is EUR.

FYI, multi currency accounts are the #1 voted feature request in Trading212, but there is no indication of admins that it is in the roadmap. Revolut is clearly ahead, on the currency front, but it is too bad that Revolut Trading does not offer the stock that I want to buy, so I have to open an account in another platform.


I don’t see how this is true in regards to trading. The Revolut trading account is USD only, you can’t invest in EUR even if the stocks you’re interested in are listed on a European stock exchange.

So you might be able to exchange for a better rate with Revolut, yes, but the risk of currency fluctuations makes it slightly more complex and, depending on national tax law, calculating losses and profits correctly becomes a master class in „fun with spreadsheets“.


Agree with you. I actually use R for the US stocks and 212 for the EU ones and for ETF and REIT. 212 shows you your FX impact. Don’t get me wrong, I like R. but R is more of a Bank, 212 is just a trading platform… that is what happens when you expand your scope, you are not strong in any. I am currently Metal user and I am downgrading to Plus one my renewal will be up

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I personally still prefer Revolut trading to Trading 212 for a few reasons.

But obviously must admit that Trading212 is far much better than Revolut in the way that they offer many important stocks that Revolut is still missing.

Also, Trading 212 offers not only US stocks, but UK and European stocks which, is amazing! And the ability to set up your account in Euros and Sterling Pounds, whereas in Revolut you can only set your stock account in the default US dollars. (Though you can visualize the value of your portfolio converted to EUR and GBP).

And yes, most portfolio platforms even have many functional features to analyze your investments that Revolut still lacks. Though, we must recognize that Revolut is slowly catching up and improving by constantly iterating and adding features while keeping the platform functional and simple (which is great).

I just wish Revolut added more options and improve a little bit more the stock management section, then there will be no need for R users to look on Trading 212, eToro, RobinHood, and etc.

PS: Please consider adding in >this other thread< your stocks request: Please add the following stocks to the Wealth/Inveting section


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With the 12x fee hike in Revolut Trading, I am shifting all my stocks from Revolut Trading to T212.

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