Where’s TouchID on iPhone?


Suddenly it stopped working. Is not even appearing the option for touchID. Neither in password menu neither in settings.
Latest update.

I can’t reinstall the app now because I’m on hyper low connection…


I am not iOS user, but on Android this is in Profile


Working just normally here. iPhone IOS 11.3. App was not updated to latest version


It came back

@redi I know where is it. I had it activated. But suddenly it stopped working yesterday without any error and also disappeared from settings.

Now it seems it came back but is very strange. Latest update.


I know that you’re extreme experienced user, and I didn’t want to offend you… But in Poland we have proverb “the devil has covered (something) his tail” which means that you know for sure that something is somewhere but to cannot to find it.
I hope you’re not resentful…