Where is the Roadmap ?


I’m looking for the roadmap but I don’t found it on the website/blog/community forum.
Does somebody have a link ?

This is an old one, but I would like to see if there is any update. I’m waiting for the new currencies :wink: :


Hi there, I also would be interested in seeing a current roadmap with the updated dates and an idea of where development is going and what is planned for future versions. Txs so much!


No answer from Revolut… :disappointed:

They tend to ignore many posts on this forum.

Revolut, any answers or updates on this?

Hi guys,

This roadmap is still on, and we’re working on it.
Great features are coning really soon.

We’ll announce once we have updates :r:


“Great features are coning really soon.”

I really hope that the new topup currencies are included in those features. I know at least 5 people who will sign up as soon as you add CHF. Personally, I would even pay a subscription if you did that.

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Be sure, we’re working on it :slight_smile:


Since it’s not clear to me exactly when the roadmap was published, could you please specify at what point of the roadmap you are. the timeframes are 6-12 months, ecc. but my question is “yes, but starting from what date?” :slight_smile:

Txs for the information and reply


12 days since my last posting and no answer yet…

Really sorry, I have missed that. Please note that you need to tag me so I can get a notification. @andreagv

This road map came up around July 2016.

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@anon33247966 txs for your answer so at this point we’re not looking at unique IBAN’s until summer next year?

Any chance to get a link to the up to date road map? Or something such as release note to see what is already implemented?
Just thinking about the impact it can make if you show that you meet the roadmap goals you set for yourself.

@anon33247966 Hi, can we have a time update on Roadmap and unique personal IBANs?
Cheers, Andrea G.V.

See discussion here for an update on IBANs:



Is the Roadmap still missing? :thinking:

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Revolut is offroading! :bike:

Yeah i noticed, for a long time now we are offroading. :thinking: