where is my refund


I refunded goods to the value of £60 in a shop 3 days ago and am still waiting for the refund to show up in my account.

Revolut’s customer service is an absolute joke, and I will be closing my account once this issue has been resolved. I’ve been waiting 3 hours to speak to a ‘bot’ that won’t even respond; I tweeted at Revolut on twitter and… nothing.

Can someone help me with this issue? When can I expect the money to be debited to my Revolut account?


There is some trick to get past the bot, but I can’t remember what it is. Maybe type “human” at the bot?
I think the bot exists in the hope that people who aren’t in the know on the trick will just give up in despair.


trick is to type “live agent”


I dont think it is on purpose to have people give up, Revolut actually made it easier with each version to get connected to a proper operator. I guess its purpose is to get some burden off the support staff by riding the AI hype.


I’ve only ever had one refund on my Revolut account, but I think that took about 3-4 days to process. I did notice that the refund transaction authorised immediately (it wasn’t an online transaction as is normal for Revolut), so they may be unaware of it until it gets processed by the networks


I wonder if anyone ever gets a useful answer from the bot.


Hence “AI hype”, but I guess for simple questions it might even work.


Hi, I have the same problem.
Amazon refund me 16.03€ on the 13th august.
Still nothing yet, normally the refund is the same day.

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