Where is my card ? In the chat is just the robot. The phone number dont function


Where is my card ? In the chat is just the robot. The phone number dont function


Hey Nils, type “live agent” in the chat to get past Rita and get a support agent to help :slight_smile:


In my german app under support is just the chat with the robot and questions for the community.
Where is the live agent in the app ?


Type “live agent” into the chat, this will make Rita go away and find a support agent for you.


Ah thanks. I try it.


The app says one hour for a live agent. wow.


The help centre is not a help for my problem. Because here stand no time for my individual card.


Yeah there is a bit of a wait. With the promotion going on they are quite busy. But they will get back to you :slight_smile:


The live agent phone me or send me a message ?


It’s all in app chat.


Ok, thank you all. So i am waiting.


Just write them everything they need to deal with your problem so that they can sufficiently respond once they get back to you.


I open a account in 24 February and order a card. So i am waiting and waiting for the card. After waiting i called you. It was not possible. After that i searching and searching in the chat because here is no email and no other phone number. There was the robot and no more good information. And now you dont want to give me a card for free ? Why ? Because of your bad service ?


As a German you better should use N26.
But maybe they are not offering free cards and that’s why you are trolling here on many threads?


Well, that really depends on one’s use case. I, for myself, find Revolut far more useful.


Hi there. As I can see you never ordered a physical card, instead you’ve generated a virtual card.