Where is my card, can't get support.


I have been waiting nearly a month for my card. It shows -£5 so I know it has been paid for. Other people have a status underneath the card icon in the app showing sent etc, but I don’t, and have never got this. So something is wrong.
The “in app chat” is broken on my iphone 5c. The box where you type in has the “i am rita” pops up over the area where you type, and I cant see what I am typing. If I dismiss the popup, it takes me out of support.
I cant find any other way to get support.
Unfortunately, I already transferred £500 into the account which i cant use as I have no card, so now I have to figure out how to get my money back out of revolute.
REvolute MUST get email support, or chat support on a PC, not crippled by their unusable support cat app.


@nutmix Hey give a try to reach Revolut by feedback@revolut.com or over Twitter! :r: