Where is my 1 euro


I made a transaction of 10,41 euro and my balance decreased by 11,41 euro.
Should I worry?
Is Revolut just another “ripper-off”?


Was it a slow or an instant transfer?
I think instant transfer have fees


It was an payment by MasteCard.
How could an instant transfer have fees?
If this is true, then I will stop using Revolut.
I am starting to think that Revolut is a scam.
Sorry fellas, but when I ordered this card, you said there is no fee.
Well, I do not hate you … after all it is just money.


Card payments do not have fees but we need more details to help you. What kind of payment did you make and do you have a receipt showing the amount the merchant was asking for? Was any currency exchange involved?


Hey @laurentiu :slight_smile:

Some merchants will pre-authorize a small amount (like 1€) to verify the card, and then do the actual charge. The pre-authorization is usually refunded within minutes, maximum 7 days.

Could this be the case? :wink:


False alarm.
I was wrong and I apologize humbly for my stupid harshness.
The lesson I learned is to update the account balance after each transaction.
Indeed, I’ve made 2 transactions and I only checked my Revolut transaction after the 2nd.
Thus, I saw briefly my account balance from before the 1st transaction then the screen changed to the balance after the 2nd transaction.

Once again, my apologies the most sincere.