Where has my money gone?


This is my first time using Revolut.From the 4th to the 23rd of July I had put in 2474.47 euros.My I Phone account showed this. There is a blank on my account until the 23rd of October showing attempts made to draw money. Ifound out that it would appear to be almost no funds.
I have bank receipts for Oct 8th 400, 14th 201.80, 0ct 19th 601.80
totalling1203.60 euros.I also used in 2 stores 1st 0ct 114 @18th
30euros.Therefore the total is 1347.60 euros and the remainder in the account would be 1126.87 euros.
Have no way of knowing what happened to this sum and I would like to speak to someone in authority …We are in Spain and my inability to speak to someone who is in a position to help me resolve the problem is causing me great distress.My Spanish Mobile Phone no. is 0034681612690 and I would be pleased if you would contact me or alternatively on my Husbands UK no. which is
Please regard this as urgent.

Thank you,
Freda Mitchell




You should contact Revolut via the in-app support, and not provide all your information here on a public forum.


Hi Dexter,
I am responding to you here for the simple reason that all attempts to resolve my problem via your recommended method have failed.
After typing a long winded explanation on the keyboard of my iPhone when I pressed SEND the whole message dissapeared, presumably into limbo,or god knows where?
The problem still pertains and I need some assistance in resolving the matter.
Might i suggest that if possible you could send me by email a print off of my transactions the problem could be solved.
I have bee unable to gain this information via the app.

Hopeful of your help.
Freda Mitchell


Hello @bigandweemitch,

Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please let me know if you have two Revolut accounts?


Andreas K.


I am replying to your query My name is Alexander Campbell Mitchell and i am Freda’s husband.I have a Revolut account in my own name.My card and my Account are working as they should.But Freda is having difficulty with hers.I am of the opinion that there is some kind
Of fault with her account.When uusing the app. There appears to be some transactions missing as a result of which she is unable to balance her account.
I feel the problem could be solved fairly quickly if we could communicate by phone .i am happy to pay the cost of a phone call. My phone no.is 0044 7704 331137
I hope to hear from you.
Alexander Campbell Mitchell. (Called Campbell)


Hi Andreas,Did you get my husband’s response to your mail which he sent yesterday?It is important.Best regards,Freda Mitchell


Hi @bigandweemitch,

Yes, Im looking into it. I will send you your transaction history via a direct message and we can continue our chat there.


Andreas K.


@bigandweemitch, let me know if you need any further help.


Dear Andreas, I am sorry to be late in replying but the account on my lap top was tiny and faint that we could not read it. Luckily, I got it on my I Pad Mini but could not work on it till yesterday. I found that I drew my first amount on 26th July.We do not go to Spain in the summer.It is too hot.Campbell and I had forgotten that we had to visit his brother for family reasons for 6 days to Matadapera.So the withdrawal was correct.I can only assume I threw out my receipt with the return flight paperwork.The 2 Oct 2nd withdrawals are also missing but I agree that I must have withdrawn them.That now explains 913.02 euros missing.So I agree the amount.If all my withdrawals had appeared on my account I would not have had all the upset of trying to withdraw money.My I Phone still shows no withdrawals at all. An odd thing I have noticed. I said that I had up to 23rd Sept and nothing after until 23 Oct.But I have no record of a withdrawal on the 26 th of July. That is why I thought I only started withdrawals on Oct. when we came out here.Can you explain any of this?Why no withdrawals on my I Phone?I am pleased with your account set up on my Mini iPad. My husband is very happy with you. If we had only been able to contact someone with the problem I would not have been so upset for so long.If I can see my account withdrawals on my I Pad I will be happy to stay with you.I suppose I could put my withdrawals on a diary but it is not very satisfactory.My final complaint ( I bet you will be happy about that ) is - why am I charged 22.72 euros when I did not get any money? That seems an awful lot and to an old Scot it is excessive.I hope you can help me.By the way, please send my apologies to Dexter. I obviously ruffled his feathers but at that time mine were ready for take off.Good luck in your endeavours Andreas.Kindest regards,Freda.


Hi Freda,

I’m glad to hear that we have shed light on this matter. We would like to investigate this a bit further, so if you can send me via a direct message a few screenshots of what you see on your iPhone that’d be great. I will take a closer look into your account so we can find out where this 22.72Euros have been incurred.


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,Have you made any progress in your attempts to find out about the charges of €22-72Which were debited to my account in respect of my abortive attempts to withdraw funds,coupled with the fact that the failed withdrawl entries were not evidenced on my account?
Freda Mitchell


ATM withdrawals are free up to £500 (or equivalent) per calendar month, 2% thereafter. As I can see you have exceeded this limit, so a 2% fee applied on some ATM withdrawals.


Andreas K.