Where can I transfer Money?

Can transfers to Pakistan be made available? It has huge remittance potential. Also I’ve been thinking of using Revolut Business but since I can’t transfer to Pakistan with Revolut Business I’ll have to go with another option. Hence, I’d highly recommend that Pakistan is made into a country we can transfer to. As soon as that happens I’ll switch to Revolut Business. I’m already a metal user and I really like the service. Which is why I’d really like to keep using Revolut. I don’t think Revolut itself has to be available in Pakistan to be able to allow transfers to Pakistan. So I really hope this feature request is forwarded.

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It feels great to know that you like our services. :star_struck:

For Revolut Business accounts, unfortunately we are currently unable to make payments in some countries , as we are in the process of making some changes to our banking infrastructure. :frowning_face: We’re sorry for any inconvenience, and hope to have a resolution soon.:crossed_fingers:

SG | Community Team