where can i find push-messages?

today i received a push-message saying “you’ve got money in …” (rest unreadable in the preview). i had to login to the revolut app to show the rest of the message, logged in - message gone.

is there a way i can get this message back to read what it said “in full”?

I know that on iOS the notifications disappear when the app is launched. I suspect this is the same for Android. In that case you can’t get it back. There is no integrated list of notifications in the app it self.

If you’re an Android user, instructions for viewing your notification history are here: https://www.androidpit.com/how-to-recover-lost-notifications-on-android

It’s a bit of a fiddle to set up, but you just need to do it once, then you can have a permanent shortcut set up. Also as mentioned in the article, there are also third party apps available which do the same job.

thanks. found it.
THIS is truly beyond banking. :r …seriously???
“Grabbing lunch? You’ve got some money in your account”
@RevolutStaff - you fu…king kidding me??? i thought that’s something important!!!

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You can disable such pushes: Profile-> Privacy -> Marketing Pushes