Where can I find my Revolut account details? 🔎

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Expecting a payment? To receive payments from an external bank in your Revolut account, you’ll need to share your Revolut account details, like your IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code.

Where can I find my IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code in-app?

:arrow_right: Main account:

From your homescreen, tap ‘Details’

:arrow_right: Currency, joint, or savings account:

  1. From your homescreen, tap ‘Accounts’
  2. Choose your currency, joint, or savings account
  3. Tap ‘Details’

For more information, you can check out this FAQ.

Why do I need to provide my account details?

For someone else to send money to you via a bank transfer, they’ll need your account details to make sure the payment reaches you as expected. Always make sure you’re referring to the correct account information in-app before sharing it. If the person sending you a payment uses the wrong details, it may result in delays, failed transfers, and unexpected fees.

:warning: It’s important to never share your account details with someone you don’t trust. In Brazil local bank transfers can only be made to an account under the same CPF. Otherwise, the transfer won’t go through.

We’re here to help! Any questions? Let us know in the comments :point_down:t2:

Please note; the info might vary depending on the user’s region. Make sure to choose the respective country before checking any FAQ link.

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I have two questions about that:

1 - Will EU customers get US bank details in future (ACH) for USD currency?

2 - Can a resident in Brazil already have Revolut, using a Brazilian address and CPF tax number? Last time I’ve checked, Customer Service said no.

I have a travel Youtube channel directed to a Brazilian audience, and I regularly post my Revolut link there. But I don’t know if there is any point doing so.


Open a pro account and get payed with a QR code or by credit card :wink:


@alexfrmrio, Thanks for asking about ACH for EU users. As of now, the USD local account (Account number, ACH routing number, Wire routing number) is only available to US users. But don’t worry, we’ll definitely pass on your thought to our team for future consideration. :memo:

You can open an account with Revolut in Brazil by providing the following accepted documents:

  1. Brazilian ID
  2. Brazilian Driver’s License
  3. Brazilian Passport
  4. RNE (foreigner’s ID document issued by Brazilian Government)
  5. Passport + Visa
  6. Provisional National Immigration Registration Document.

Look, who’s back! @JohnGB Revolut Pro is exclusively designed for freelancers and self-employed users. Personal payments cannot be received in your Pro account. To open a Pro account, you’ll first need to have a Personal account. Once you have a Personal account and pass our onboarding checks, you’ll be eligible to open a Revolut Pro account. Hope this helps! :hugs:

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Yes I know the rules for a pro account I am freelance , but I understood tht the personal wanted to get payed by his Brazilian customers (youtube customers) !! So I assumed he was self-employed and so can open a pro account :hugs::wink: JohnGB



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