Where can i add my verification pin


Cant seem to find where i can enter verification pin for my card, i can’t seem to find it?


Hi there. You haven’t topped up yet :slight_smile: You’ll be able to confirm the card used for top up once you’ve topped up your account.

Verifying your top-up card lets us know that the debit card used to add money to your Revolut account is your own. We advise all customers to do this on the app to help ensure your Revolut experience is as frictionless as possible. To verify your top-up card, just check your online banking and find a top-up to Revolut which will appear in the form of ‘Revolut1234’. Next, tap the ‘Top-up’ button in the app and tap the box in the middle, and select the card you would like to verify from the next screen. Tap the ‘info’ button to the right of your card and enter your code here. Simple!