When will you launch revolut in Canada


When will you launch revolut in Canada ?


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Hi @e3gedge.

We’re excited about our global expansion :star_struck:

We’re aiming for Q1 next year :rocket:

Stay tuned for updates!


Andreas K.

Hi Andreas,

Is there any update about a precise launch date ?


Unfortunately we cannot a precise launch date.

I am super bummed out you canceled your pilot program in Canada! I learned about this bank in Portugal and I absolutely loved it and I used it all the time traveling. I still haven’t found another that can match this. Can you please bring it back to Canada?

You might want to give Revolut that feedback directly on social media. You’ve responded to a 4 year old post from a former employee that doesn’t work for Revolut anymore.

Ah thank you. I didn’t know where to start haha.

Can you send me a link where I could say that?