When will we get the OPT-OUT to NOT be identifiable as revolut customer to other customers?


Phone numbers of Revolut customers are stored on Revolut’s servers. The Revolut app allows other Revolut customers to query this data and find out whether or not a particular phone number is of a Revolut customer. As explained above, a phone number is a potential identifier of an individual according to the ICO.

I don’t understand this comment. I don’t store my contacts on anyone else’s computer, including iCloud or any equivalent Google service.


Please let me opt out


I agree with this idea. It’s also surprising that just by having someone’s phone number (assuming they have a Revolut account), I can also see their photo - which I think it’s quite private despite what social media might encourage.
I think a good workaround could be to only identify a user as a Revolut customer when both the users have each other in their contact lists. Or even better, to not show a user which people in their contacts list are using the service at all, since only Revolut would need this information to complete transactions. Even though I understand the sense of community that goes around Revolut, I don’t think identifying the Revolut users in your contacts list should be the default or that it’s even necessary.