When will we get the OPT-OUT to NOT be identifiable as revolut customer to other customers?

Phone numbers of Revolut customers are stored on Revolut’s servers. The Revolut app allows other Revolut customers to query this data and find out whether or not a particular phone number is of a Revolut customer. As explained above, a phone number is a potential identifier of an individual according to the ICO.

I don’t understand this comment. I don’t store my contacts on anyone else’s computer, including iCloud or any equivalent Google service.

Please let me opt out

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I agree with this idea. It’s also surprising that just by having someone’s phone number (assuming they have a Revolut account), I can also see their photo - which I think it’s quite private despite what social media might encourage.
I think a good workaround could be to only identify a user as a Revolut customer when both the users have each other in their contact lists. Or even better, to not show a user which people in their contacts list are using the service at all, since only Revolut would need this information to complete transactions. Even though I understand the sense of community that goes around Revolut, I don’t think identifying the Revolut users in your contacts list should be the default or that it’s even necessary.


I got very surprized when a person who has my phone number mentioned he knows I have Revolut account.
Could you please quote a section from terms of service which allows Revolut to distribute this information?
Sophiaaa mentions photo is also visible. Please confirm this.
If I have Revolut account and I activate location service, can anyone having my phone number get to know my location with a use od Revolut?

I use iOS only, and the photo that’s visible within Revolut is the same photo associated with the contact in my address book. If there is no photo for that contact I just see a coloured circle with their initials.

To be more specific, I don’t have any photo associated with a couple of numbers in my contacts and I can see the photos they have posted in the revolut app (I can confirm that at least one of those contacts doesn’t have me in their own address book). I’m using Android.

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Will you do the same request to Zuckerberg when you’ll find out every person with your number can see you’re on WhatsApp?

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Because someone else (or even everyone) does something “wrong” doesn’t excuse you from doing it “wrong” as well :wink: I have high expectations of Revolut and I see it more as a bank rather than a social network

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You didn’t answer.
It’s a matter of coherence: did you ask the same to Zuckerberg? He’s doing exactly the same.
There are a lot of phone-based services which do the same. Even PayPal some months ago linked PayPal.me to the phone number.

you are comparing revolut to services which sole purpose is to connect contacts’ phones. here it’s an extra that should be optional.


I don’t use WhatsApp so no.

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I dont even use facebook since it’s basically worse than former stasi in east germany, only people them selves hand out the info…

Revolut claims to be beyond banking, it’s about time they take the banking part seriously then.

Up until they do i only input minimal amounts on revolut and use other cards for the most part when at home.

It is in the making and I’d like to see that happening, too.


Hi Laurenz!

Unfortunately, that’s what they wrote me in a similar chat of

JULY 16th in 2018 (!)

“We are aware of this issue and currently working on it - in the nearest future users will be given an option to opt-out.”

It’s really cringeworthy by now how they are gambling away their trustworthiness…

:\ raimerik


How I’m supposed to send you money from revolut to revolut if I cannot identify you as a revolut recipient then ? this is a silly request in my opinion.

You can always make a bank transfer.

It’s about having the option and control over your privacy. You probably know the people you’re sending money so it should not be a problem to figure out if they are Revolut users.

For strangers, you can also use the nearby feature to pay back a foreigner that isn’t in your phone book.

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so instead of using a revolutionary service called Revolut I need to make a traditional bank transfer ? Are you serious ?

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That is not the point. The point is that some users want to decide if they want to disclose that they have a Revolut account or not.

This is not related to the question if P2P transfers are superior to old school transfers or not or if one can use P2P transfers.


No reason for ‘silly’ - let me broaden your horizon, if you choose to be that opinionated:

  1. “Send money to revolut user”
  2. “Enter eMail or phone number of said user”
  3. Magic!

No reason to offer revolut your address book with the data that belongs to your contacts (not you)! No reason for people who do so (being data insensitive and sharing the data of their contacts) to get the info if you are a revolut customer!

Longer version: Do it like N26 does:

  • offer your customers the opt-out to be recognizable as customer via the address book check
  • still offer the possibility to get direct transfers by choosing whom to give your revolut-email/number

No rocket science: https://support.n26.com/en-de/fixing-an-issue/payments-and-transfer/why-cant-i-see-other-n26-users-on-moneybeam


But surely I’d be able to know you use Revolut when your sort code is also a Revolut one?