When will my safety hold be removed?


I’m due to be travelling tomorrow for 2 weeks to a third world country, so it’s very unlikely I’ll have wifi.

I opened a support query on Sunday night, it’s now Friday and I’ve had no communication or feedback regarding the documents etc.

Is there any chance this can be resolved ASAP? I really haven’t thought about backups so need to get it resolved asap, and I’d of thought 5 days would’ve been enough.

Thanks all.

Revolut needs to learn about the purpose of a forum

Have they got back to you at all?


Not yet, unfortunately.

I’m hoping it gets resolved today, it’s the last thing I need to do before I go, so it’s unnecessary stress at the mo!


At this point I’d look into a backup :slight_smile:

Did you type “live agent” in the chat?


I believe it’s too late, I can’t open anything before tomorrow :frowning:
Yes, I did. I have read on twitter the backlog is pretty high, just hoping I can get some help through this channel.


Try @AndreasK, maybe he can finally sort that out. He seems to be back on the forums.


I messaged him around an hour ago, I assume he’s fairly busy though!


Load up with cash from a currency exchange shop before you go, even at the airport if you need to. You will take a hit on exchange rate but it is better than being left without a penny in a third world country. After all cash is universally accepted across less developed world and beyond, unlike prepaid Visa or MasterCard.