When will Individual IBAN's be available ?


Any timescales for getting individual IBAN for Revolut accounts? (i.e similar to the GBP and EUR accounts) ?

Is there a roll out programme?


:tada: it’s been done, although we should remember that they’ll still be sent by SWIFT, even if the country uses IBAN for its national transfers.


11 months after my post, however excellent news :grin:


Considering everything else they’ve gotten done in the last year, we can give them a pass? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Especially since they’re getting on with the local account details now (NOK, PLN)


I wonder why there is no word from Revolut’s side with all these local accounts suddenly appearing.


Good point, they kept this quiet?


Nothing on Twitter and their blog.
I also didn’t receive an email as I did with the change to the SWIFT IBAN.


with so many cool things to come maybe they forgot how to announce real small things that actually make users happier =)