When will I be able to send and receive Crypto to and from external wallets

I’m very new to Revolut and I really do like the features it already has. BUT
the reason I downloaded and signed up for the app was so I can easily transfer money from and to my external wallets.
As of now I can’t store Bitcoin I bought from Revolut on my Hardware wallet. I can’t use my Crypto to buy goods and services from non-Revolut users.
So all I can do is buy Crypto and hope the price rises so I can trade it back to fiat? Other than that I don’t see any added value in implementing Crypto.
I can send Euro or USD to revolut Users cheap and don’t have to worry about the high volatility Crypto brings.


I would like to know this too. I would wish this feature will be here soon, because I would really enjoy to store my crypto where I buy them from Revolut, to store them secure and safely.

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