When to get no fees £200 withdrawals?


Currently in Cambodia and looking to make a withdrawall that is free of fees. Do I have to withdraw AFTER the joining date. or does it matter? Am I allowed 200 pounds/ or dollars fee free per month? Thanks in advance.

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When did you sign up and what is your base currency?

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Sorry where can I see sign up date? Cash in Pounds

Then your withdrawal limit is in pounds and it is 200.

It is a monthly limit, but (unless you signed up at some point last year) not based on the calendar month but on your sign up date. I think there is currently no visualisation in the UI though.


Yes got card 1 month ago. My first top up was on 23rd I think. Does that mean I need to wait till after that to get 200 fee freel. …or do I get it now, if I withdraw now…just have to wait 1 month before I can get it again ?

It does not matter when you got the card, the date when you signed up matters.

You can withdraw up to 200 pounds (or equivalently in other currencies) right now and it will reset at some point in the next 30 days (could be tomorrow or in a month).

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Yes Alessandro. So if my first top up was on 23rd then must I withdraw( for no fees) after that date or does it matter? I guess I need then to wait 1 more month than till next free 200 fee free?

Again, it is not about when you topped up.

But didnt you ask that question already at When can I get fee free £200 withdrawal?

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Yes I did. Sorry this confuses me. So I have to wait after I joined or what exactly? I mean I had to top up to get a card so I guess that was my joining date. It was 23rd I think… Also when I transfer via bank must I specify revolut Ltd as well as address and Lloyds bank…or is sort code and account number enough?

Transfer which currency and from where?

Yes, as I said before, the withdrawal limit resets once a month, on the day you signed up. When that is, I cant say. Maybe support could let you know that date.

If you havent withdrawn anything in the past 30 days you can withdraw everything up to the limit today though.

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Ok thanks for your help. As I said I joined and added money the same date…23 I think. So I could then get a card
I’m referring to topping up via bank transfer in GB POUNDS

Alright, if you say it was the 23rd and you havent withdrawn anything so far you can withdraw 200 pounds today and then once again in 12 days.

As for transfers, simply activate your local GBP account and wire the money to the account details listed under that account. Local and not SWIFT and GBP.

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always prefer the local account. sort-code thing when sending pounds, SEPA IBAN when sending euros

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I’m not sure about that last bit. I just sent a payment to revolut Ltd via british online banking in Pounds, quoting sort codes account numbers and reference number? Is that OK?

What is this swift account? Going to top up via bank transfer. …Revolut gives sort codes account numbers etc. I presumed I can make a payment that way with hsbc Internet banking?

If account activated use sort code and account number :slight_smile:
Just don’t make swift transfer from HSBC …

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What is swift transfer.? Is it a must?

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Not must :slight_smile:
How did you send your transfer?
Just double check…
Are you UK based??

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Yes I am jersey err uk based. Yes I can see I used LOCAL. The code was a personal reference I believe.

Thats good :slight_smile:
Local transfers are free,but swift (normally overseas ) inccur fees.
If your joining date is 23rd then thats the date when your allowances reset.
You can check how much you used already under : More - profile -price plan and it will show there ATM free limit :+1: