When REVOLUT will be in Hong Kong?

I am HK resident and am building my limited company here. I need to have a business bank account where i could receive payment from client from HK ( bank trnsfer or cheque) . when do you plan to launch revolut in HK please? thanks for you feedback laure

As Revolut would say COMING SOON

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That’s not very helpful. I would like to know the same as I’m Moving to HK soon and don’t have a HK bank account, would like to use my Revolut account instead if possible

For personal accounts, we think they will launch in HK around the same time they open for the US, Singapore and Australia. Somewhere in Q1 2018 in theory…
This should bring local accounts (it will for the US and Australia at least).


Hi…not much left of Q1. Is there any update?

@anon33247966 Would you be able to give us some information?

Is US, Singapore, Australia, HK launching postponed to Q2?

Thank you.

We’re working on it, as we speak. Once we have more detail we will announce.

I am keen on getting a HK Revolut account as well. I am based in UK now but most of my money is in HK and I am planning to get a mortgage now. I need a way to transfer to my Revolut HK account without incurring any fees. Hopefully that will come with a local HK Account number for domestic transfer instead of a swift transfer.

@AndreasHK, do you have an update? Q1 2018 has been long gone. Do you have any updated estimation?

@anon33247966 any chance of an update? It’s been a full year since this was asked, and over 5 months since you last provided an update. Is there any expected date? Or can you at least confirm Revolut will NOT be opening in Hong Kong?