when is silver coming to Revolut?

Gold is already there in Revolut. Any planning for Silver?

For now it’s only gold but I doubt they’d have given it its own section without other precious metals coming in the future

Is it not already available?

no. only gold is available currently

Silver is available now!

At least here in Sweden


In switzerland too. Nice

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Metal subscription (until August 12th) in :austria: … no silver available…

seems to be a by country rollout :slight_smile:

We need ETF’s first in trading, silver is such a bizarre thing to add when we don’t have basic access to ETF’s

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Can‘t confirm. I‘m on a :r: Premium Plan and Silver is not available for me.

Can it be that is only for metall?

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As I mentioned, it’s a rollout going by country (& i think it’s beta only rn)

UK currently has it, I’m a standard user and have it

Might be. As of right now, it appeared! Silver is available for me too.

We don’t need silver, we need ETF’s

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I agree. I would love to see the trading available in Switzerland… Does anyone know more about the ETA of that feature?

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