When is Security too much? Overdoing the Authentication

Every time I do some online shopping, where I have to input my CC(virtual of course) information, I have to jump so many hoops to make it happen

  • I get to the payment part and I need my CC number and CCV, etc,
  • I head to my Revolut App, and have to log in by either using my fingerprint or PIN, so I choose the Print,
  • Then I go to my CARD tab in the app, and head to the Virtual CC since I want to use that for security reasons.
  • Once I click into the card (about 2 seconds after logging into the APP) I have to click on see details and it asks me to Authenticate again (remember it s been 2 seconds since the last Auth)
  • Once I do AUthenticate for the second time in now 3 seconds
  • It sends a one time SMS to my phone to make sure it is actually me, now I have to wait for the SMS to arrive
  • Once the SMS Arrives it let’s me SEE MY DETAILS! YEY
  • So I head back to the app to finish the payment part,
  • Let alone if you did not copy the CC # since if you went away for more than 1 second from the APP, you have to RE AUTHENTICATE

Just sharing some of the frustration I experienced today (and everytime I do online shopping using my R card)


I don’t have this step. Just 1st authentication for app-login, then 2nd authentication to view card details.

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I got it the very first time and since then no more.

@ramm4u To make life easier you could save the card details in your web browser e.g. Chrome.

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it might also help to indicate which jurisdiction you are in…
I’m in France with the FR IBAN and this doesn’t happen to me either :thinking:

That might me a good solution, thanks