When I will be able to make Virtual Card?


Hello Team,

I am having issues making a new Virtual Credit Card. I get error “Can’t make new cards at this time”.

I am just wondering how much time it will take to resolve because I need to use some of money in my accounts.



Hello @br123,

Do you mind if you send me a direct message with your phone number so I can take a look into your account?


Andreas K


Dear Andreas,

Can you guide me how can I send you a direct message.



@br123 I will do that for you.

Tap on my name to find Message.


@br123 I have sent you :slight_smile:


Ah, so you can create virtual cards? How do you do this? It would be very useful! Thanks!


@caprotti as I can see you have a physical card. Once you ordered a physical card then your physical card is your virtual card in the app. If you wan to have only a virtual card, then block your physical card and create a virtual card.


Andreas K.


Thanks, Andreas.
I thought it was possible to create virtual cards to increase the safety in electronic transactions (if you agree I can put it under “Ideas”). :wink:


I think this topic is already there :slight_smile: