When I send money from Revolut, am I the sender?


Hi guys,

I need to send some money to a financial institution (more precisely, to my EUR account with them).

They have it written in big bold letters that “money has to come from your own bank account”

This means that transfers using an intermediary don’t work. For example if I tried to send from my GBP bank account using Transferwise, the receiving institution will refuse the transfer because it doesn’t come from me, but from Transferwise.

So I am wondering how this looks when I use Revolut? Am I sending money from my own account, or is the money being sent from a Revolut account, with my name in some reference field only? Who appears as sender to the receiving bank?


Your EUR IBAN is in your name and that is what the receiver will see.


Yes, make sure you have your personal EUR IBAN active :slight_smile:


Thanks both. I tested it and it worked :slight_smile:

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