When exactly Revolut for business will be available in Hong Kong?

At the end of the registration process it says revolut for business is not available for Hong Kong incorporated companies yet, but might be soon.

Do we have any specific date on when that might be possible if at all?

We need to plan if we can afford to wait for it or should go explore other options.

Thank you!

Hello @Streamly !

Thank you for the interest in our product! We are not yet available for Honk Kong based companies however we are working hard to expand outside of our current area of operation.
I am sure we will inform you when Hong Kong launch is coming!

Best regards,

I know it’s hard to say but can you give me at least a very rough idea on when that might be available?

Can we hope at all for this year?

…probably not. Been waiting for 8 months, and I’m sure some people have been for over a year.

Would be nice to have some official ETA, so people can decide if they can wait or search for other options.

Hello guys!

I wish I could provide you with more precise timeframe but I cannot do it just yet.
Work is still in progress and as you can imagine, launching outside of EEA requires a lot of attention from our end to execute it correctly. We will keep you posted, that’s for sure. Thank you for understanding.


Hello Rafael
I have moved from Hong Kong to the UK.
My account opening is pending as it linked to my Hong Kong address.
I am unable to change location to UK, as there are no options but a waiting list message.
Tried to create a new Revolut account with my UK mobile number, but it brings me back to Hong Kong profile (by name I guess).

My intention is to open a Revolut account in the UK.
Is this something you can help with ?
Thank you