When does Auto Topup take place?

After finding out about the Super Secret and not marketed or explained auto topup feature, I immediately turned it on.

Unfortunately, it’s been over a month and my balance has dropped below the set threshold at least 2 times and each time, it’s not topped up. I have then had to manually go and transfer money into Revolut when i realise a payment failed to go out.

It would be really helpful if the auto topup page described the behaviour. Is it as soon as the balance goes below, or does it check once a week, once a month? Does it take into account all currencies in your account? If so, it shouldn’t!

Can I get some feedback and clear answer on how and when this auto topup feature works? It’s actual;ly the most important feature for my Revolut use-case. Without it, Revolut has a dramatically less appeal to me.

Hmmmm, secret?
Have you read this?

Yes I have, but you shouldn’t have to visit the help or forums to find out about feature of the service! what % of users of any service do you think visits those resources to find out about features of a product? :slight_smile:

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Ok, but now you know how to use it. Right? :wink:

Nope because those steps are also incorrect! As I’ve previously posted in this forum thread to help others who also couldn’t find the feature: Auto Top-Up out now!

My question is regarding When it happens, not how to set it up. I’ve set it up, it says “auto top up on” threshold is set. but in 2 months it’s never auto topped up. hence the question; When does it happen, shouldn’t it have happened already? If so, maybe something’s broken that needs to be flagged? :slight_smile:

As far as I know, only card payments trigger the auto top up. If the balance falls below the limit due to other transfers, it won’t trigger a top up.

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Well that sounds silly. It’s an incorrectly named feature then! With that specific requirement not described in the media around the feature :frowning:

Can you confirm this @anon33247966 ? (I feel bad mentioning the busiest guy in the world directly)

Also can you request that the above linked Help pages get updated to match the actual real world info? :smiley:


This is correct :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Oh, really?
I did not knew this and I would have never thought that it is set like this.
My recommendation is to have it primarily linked to the balance limit defined and not combine it with the way of „extracting“ the money.


I think this would be better and more beneficial. How can we pass this on to the team?


One way is clearly to do it here, as we are doing right now…
Another way could be to approach them via Twitter.

Don’t like necro-ing threads, but I swear the latest app version now takes into account exchanges? I just exchanged from SEK to GBP and instantly got a notification saying my auto topup had been triggered. Can we get a confirmation from @anon33247966 or someone that this is now the case with the auto-topup system? If so, then I am SO happy.

Would be nice to have different top-up amounts.
Currently it’s “€100” , “€200” and “€500”.

I would like to see a smaller top-up amount, maybe “€20” and “€50”

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2 days ago I had a direct debit fail due to low balance. Yes, it’s my mistake. Period.

But I actually expected Revolut to take the amount from another balance or to auto top-up.

But, alas, no. Instead the direct debit failed and Amazon blocked my account until I transferred the money manually.

Which I of course did immediately, but yet another problem with Revolut: They do not support instant transfers, and so the transfer doesn’t go through until Monday morning. And then, perhaps, Amazon will have the money in the next one or two millennia.

Hopefully Revolut will offer temporary overdrafts with their new and shiny banking license so that these things don’t happen.

I had that before. I am very sure. The payment was successfull but my heart skipped a beat and I quickly topped up.

as far i understood you are not using a revolut card to pay with amazon? because that might be more convenient for you if you change that - then auto top-up is working and no hassle. I’ve entered my virtual card with amazon and that’S working really well with amazon - also top-up works when falling below a set balance.
just for you as in inspiration :slight_smile: That’s why i am not using any direct-debit anymore, and just paying everything over the cards itself to use those features.


I know, but I found direct debits to be more convenient when it comes to refunds - refunds show up the same day.


In those cases I tent to use PayPal and “Pay after 14 days” option. So PayPal will only be charged if I do not return my shopping card items or only with the amount left over after I returned them.

However, as @toxiroxi said, obviously the funcionality is only available when using the card. I didn’t take notice of that before either.