When do I receive my international transfer

Hi, I did an international bank transfer of 200 Euros from Taiwan to my Revolut Euro account on 1st June. But so far there’s no sign of the money. I asked a live agent a week ago she said the bank form was filled out correctly. I don’t know what to do now and I couldn’t get any live agent on the app for days. HELP. thanks

Where did you wire it to? Via SWIFT to the pooled account GB98 LOYD 3080 1286 5682 90?

Yes. With reference number as my account number.

Account number? The reference number should go into the reference field. Could you post a screenshot of the transaction (just redact everything that shouldnt be public, such as name and account of origin).

Double check that you really sent it to the right IBAN, with the right BIC and the right reference number. If everthing checks out it should have already arrived.

Try typing “resolved” and then “live agent” again to restart a support session in the chat.

Because otherwise there is no a/c number and I asked one of the online assistant she said this is correct…

It is the right IBAN but you didnt enter it under beneficiary (#59) but as intermediary bank (#56) instead. #59 should have listed the IBAN and #70 probably the reference number.

That is my understanding at least, there is a chance I am wrong :).

I cant tell you where that money eventually ended up. It might be it was sent to Lloyds and they had no idea where to assign it. I’d go to the bank where you placed the wire and ask them.

@anon33247966, any idea where that might end up?

Actually the bank I placed the wire has no idea about this. They said if anything went wrong (like lacking of information ) the money will bounce back…so I should put iban at #59 under account number ?
Who should I contact or what shohld I do now :confused:

Literally, IBAN means International Bank Account Number. So yes, my guess is that would be where that goes. (It’s not technically an intermediary here but the receiver’s account no.)

It could be that it actually ended up with Revolut but they couldnt assign it because they couldnt find the reference number which points to your account.

If that is the case I’d contact Revolut’s support again.

That form is a bit confusing.

I’ve been trying to contact the support team for days…couldn’t get anyone so far :frowning:

@anon33247966 or revolutapp on twitter or facebook can get someone on the chat for you.
be sure to upload any evidence you can get, ideally something from the bank saying how did they execute the SWIFT transfer. it’s possible CS can prevent it from been returned.

Update. So they manually located the money and I got back 180€. Because international transaction will be charged by the middle bank.
In this case, I think I will still transfer my money to my Barclay’s account first and then just use Revolut when travelling.
The whole purpose of using Revolut for international transfer is I thought there will be only the sender’s bank will charge for the fee :confused:

Quote from the conversation:
“Revolut does not charge you for transferring money. If the beneficiary bank is located outside the EU, then your transfer will be sent via SWIFT and you might incur international wire transfer fees.
When your money is in transit, it might be processed by an intermediary bank who might also deduct a handling fee. Therefore, the amount received might be less than the amount you sent.”


Well, this - and the paragraph you quoted - refer to money sent from Revolut. In this case it was sent to Revolut and probably also traversed some intermediaries who took their share. This is outside of Revolut’s control.

I wouldnt call it misleading. Particularly when it is about receiving money it is completely outside of Revolut’s control how they wire the funds.

I am not saying Revolut couldnt possibly tweak the wording a bit but all this fuss many people made (transfer lies) is blowing it out of proportions IMO.

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