When crypto for all?


Come on guys… we’ve waited long enough, just doesn’t seem fair to keep us waiting and/or punish us for being loners with no friends to refer :frowning:


Have you read the FAQ on their Crypto offering?

  • You don’t own your crypto [It’s held in a communal wallet]
  • Revolut hold your private keys
  • You can’t move your crypto to an external wallet
  • You can only transfer crypto to other Revolut accounts
  • You can only convert crypto to fiat via Revolut [at their rates]

So I wouldn’t be too disappointed. It doesn’t sound like you’re really missing out on anything worthwhile. The best use of Revolut for buying crypto is to avail of their no-fee currency exchange and get yourself some €euros or $dollars and buy on one of the regular exchanges.


I have accounts on several of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, and I use them.

I am well aware of Revolut’s crypto setup.

I still have a use case for this feature, so I am urging Revolut to enable it for all.


I guess after it goes up again it will be available.

Now everyone will start to buy as is down down :joy:

Dunno. A month ago they said “in two weeks”.


Yes I remember the “two weeks” timeframe.

They have the tech setup so why not just enable it?

People are scared anyway now with the drop, not that many would use it now. But I would.


Well if you really want to buy an important amount of crypto then just upgrade to premium.

Crypto will increase that much that will cover the premium subscription for 3 years at least with a minimum amount of just few dozens of bucks :slight_smile:

If you buy more ohohooo :slight_smile:

Don’t wait! Act now as crypto is still low :smiley:


I’ve sent you a direct message :slight_smile: