When can we expect USD direct debit???

@AndreasK - When can we expect Direct Debit feature introduced???

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@nomadus: Andreas is no longer with Revolut.

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It already is. I had a direct deposit go to my Revolut account yesterday.

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Direct deposit is different from direct debit. Revolut allows anyone to transfer funds into Revolut account. But it rejects when any bill payment is trying to debit fund from Revolut.

Linkedin says otherwise. Is this confirmed?

direct deposit? revolut offers ACH or US bank account details for personal accounts??

Yes. It offers US bank account👇🏾

Can European customers also have a US routing number ?

You need to have a local address and phone number to open USD account

thanks for the info :wink:

Is this just for an employer to make payments or can others make ACH payments as well using the routing and account number?

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Employers can make direct deposits. It has been working fine for me for the last 3 months. You can try to make transfer from other banks. I couldn’t do it through my bank as it doesn’t recognize Revolut partner bank routing number.