When can we expect "Pockets" feature?

Wondering when we can expect to receive “Pockets” feature

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It’s been there a few months for me (UK user).

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Glad to hear that.

I hope that Revolut will launch this “Pockets” and “Subscriptions” features to US customers soon.

Nice to see that this Pockets feature is launched in US today. I am able to create pockets for the existing transactions. But I am not able to create anything new as the Pockets is looking for the transactions that were automatically categorised by Revolut.
I should be able to pick any transactions to create a new pocket.

Just mark the payment you want to add to a pocket as a subscription payment first.

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I can’t seem to post, so I’m hijacking this thread.
For some reason I can’t get some subscription to get the option to add them to the Schedule list, and then to Pockets.
For example Dribbble…I’ve been paying for 2 months now as a recuring payment (previously I used to pay manually using a disposable card), and I don’t see the toggle.
Then there’s the Metal fee wich I’ve been paying for a loong time now and same thing, It does not have the option to move it in to scheduled.
And then there’s Apple subscriptions, wich (I presume) are using the same bussines name for payments (this includes newly purchased items from the AppStore), and this kind of confuses the Revolut app and can’t discern between them. So may main subs via Apple are iCloud and Music, but if I got to the exact same transactions and enable them, I get totally different transactions to show up in the Scheduled list.

Any help is apreciated.

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I don’t see any option to add an expense to a subscription payment.

I have the same issue and I find it strange that the feature is not able to pick out the premium or metal fee as a recurring transaction. I also have other recurring transactions that revolut is not able to pick up. Finding this feature pretty useless, both in pockets and as “subscriptions”, when it can’t even pick out half of recurring transactions.

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Seems that “Pockets” got removed from the app. Anyone else?

I didn’t have that feature to begin with, but at :r: they use A/B testing, so you may see features come and come for a short period of time.
I had the new stock portfolio performance view, but then I didn’t have it for 2 weeks then it came back

You need to log in at least 14 days to get access to more features in the forum

Currently, I can fund the pockets only from the main account. It would be nice to have the option of funding the pockets from savings vaults.

I cannot make new posts either had this community logon for more than a year

on your profile, it says that you logged in 6 days

It’s about engagement, not just time since account setup.

Am I correct to understand that Pockets work only with Direct Debit. Currently, it doesn’t work with debit card payments.

Works fine for me with recurring card payments.

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it doesn’t work for me. I set up a pocket for payments from PayPal. Today, Revolut declined the direct debit from PayPal as there was insufficient funds in the main account, even though I kept the funds separately in a Pocket :roll_eyes:

Wait a second, you were saying it only works with direct debit, not card. Now you are saying it doesn’t work with direct debit? I’m confused.

First I was able to create Pockets for direct debit transfers only. But after setting up Pocket, I expected Revolut to make payment from that particular Pocket. But it turned out that Revolut declined as the funds were not available in the main account.