When can I start using revolut in Canada

I am from Canada. I signed up with Revolut and it put me on a wait list for early access. I got few of my friends to sign up with my invitation link and got on top of the waitlist expecting to use it right away. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and it says that -> “You’ve reached the top of the waiting list!”, and this will be launching in Canada soon.

Any time line on when can I start using it?


Hey Asod

Currently Canada is not supported. Revolut have said they are working on expansion and are aiming for the u.s in the first half of 2018. I would suspect that Canada will follow soon after.

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Interesting as I have checking/current accounts in Canada and the US. I am on the waiting list (or at least I asked to go on it) for the US so I can use Revolut to transfer money here. I cannot wire transfer from those countries as I have to be in the country to do that and, in any case, that would incur additional fees.
In the past have transferred money from UK to Australia at low cost. Piece of advice, do not transfer using Revolut at weekends because there is a surcharge.