When can I get my top up?!


I’ve top up through UK local bank last Friday, fund still not in my account! Your instrucation indicate that local transfer take few hours only! And your colleague told me to wait on Monday, that’s today, but didn’t see my fund until now! Your online chat didn’t work due to technical problem, can’t even contact you guys!


If you made the transaction on friday that means it was executed today, monday. Hours is probably a bit optimistic, expect a couple of bank days (non holidays) for a transfer like this to get in to your revolut account.


I did transfers over the weekend both in and out . . . . they took hours.


It’s not the first time I top up. It takes less than 3 hours to get the fund before. I was top up on last Friday noon and now still waiting. Don’t see will get the fund today.


Then check with your bank that the funds was sent?


Check n it sent out on Friday