When can I get fee free £200 withdrawal?

I ordered card today. I am confused about when I can freely withdraw £200. Will that be rolling as in 1 months time, from the first time I withdraw that amount?

Also, regarding the 2% fee charged past the 200 free limit, I presume if I withdrew say 300 pounds worth of say foreign currency in Vietnam, the 2% fee would only be charged to the 100 over and not the 300 Full amount? I mean should I withdraw 200 pounds worth separately? And is the added 2% amount displayed separately?

One last thing. What happen if card is stolen what does one do. And what about phone breaking down?

Probably overthinking but like 2 be sure

That is my understanding.

£200 is fee free just make sure you select convert at local rate on ATM.

After £200 you get chargged 2% yes doesn’t make a different i so t think if you withdraw all together or separately

You can have two physical cards. So i will suggest ordering a backup and keep it safe. Then you will have an extra in emergencies.

If your phone breaks down then i hope you have a laptop. I would then use an Android emulator to run Revolut on. On this forums BlueStack and Nox App Player are the most popular ones.


Describes it per rolling month. I think the rolling month starts when you signed up and now from when the withdrawel happened. So if you signed up 23 March, then the limit will reset every month on the 23rd.

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What is the signing up date. …is it on the system. How can I verify that date. Thanks.

I am not sure. Maybe you can go a get a statement from the app and look for your earliest top up :slight_smile:

Well it would definitely be nice to see the rolling month in the plan / limits view.

Also, have that view re-organized so that we can see the annual top-up limit, as well as rolling exchange and ATM limit on the same screen and also know exactly the rolling month start day.

BTW- not sure if rolling month is a business decision or if there’s anything else involved, but it’s just quite bad and overcomplicated idea. Make it just plain monthly.

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I asked support to confirm my sign up date some time ago and just left it on my chat history for reference - agree would be easier if available in the app.
You can see your progress towards the ATM fee free withdrawal limit under more/profile/price plan which is useful however.

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